Produce Sleeves & Bags

We have earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality, Australian-made produce packaging.Initially specialising in herb and lettuce sleeves, we now showcase and protect products such as spring onions, silverbeet, spinach, kale and Asian vegetables. Our sleeves are manufactured from food-grade, Cast Polypropylene and are used by supermarkets to protect and extend the shelf-life of quality, Australian-grown produce.

Plain or printed tapered sleeves and bags are available to customer's specifications. These sleeves can have a bottom seal or can be open-ended.

Spring Onion / Shallots Sleeves:
Well packaged Spring Onions display beautifully in store whilst extending their shelf life both in store and at home keeping your customer happy. The sleeve acts as a barrier keeping the spring onion flavour fresh and away from other fresh produce.

Kale Sleeves: Also known as Cavalo Nero or Tuscan cabbage, kale has a deserved reputation as a ‘superfood’. Sleeved kale is protected and freshness is prolonged. The sleeve also provides a real estate opportunity so that you have the space to print recipe links, serving suggestions and of course, your company brand and information.

Asian Vegetables: With the large selection of Asian vegetables now available, sleeving and bagging can help identify the variety to the consumer. The opportunity exists to print QR codes to link to recipe websites and nutritional information, as well as the bonus of prolonging product life in the home refrigerator.

Silverbeet sleeves: A well packaged silverbeet displays beautifully in store. The sleeve gently restrains the leaves in the bunch and protects them from creasing and snapping. The consumer gets more useable leaves and improved storage life in the home refrigerator.

Spinach sleeves:  To protect the delicate flavour and softness of fresh spinach, most growers choose to sleeve or bag their spinach. This is also a benefit to the consumer, as shelf life is extended in the home refrigerator.